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Attending An Interview

Create A Good First Impression

You need to make a good first impression from the moment you arrive for your job interview, both with the person who greets you on arrival, as well as with your interviewer or interviewing panel.

Any adverse impression given at the start can be very difficult for you to overcome.

There are a number of things you can do to start your interview in a favourable light.

First, make sure you arrive on time. Allow an extra ten minutes or so in case you have to find your way in a large building, and allow for any possible delays in journey time. You want to make a good impression when you arrive and there a number of ways this can be achieved, such as:

  • Dress appropriately for the job you are applying for. Demonstrate that you are well prepared and have all items needed for the interview.

  • Always be polite to the receptionist and to the person who takes you to the interview waiting area when you first arrive. You never know, they may be involved in your interview.

  • Whilst awaiting your interview, sit properly and treat everyone passing by as your possible interviewer. (They just might be).

  • Smile at people, but in a relaxed manner, and don't act as if impatient or bored. It gives out a bad impression.

  • Switch off your cell phone. Making or taking a call whilst waiting can make you appear distracted.

  • Whilst waiting, do not eat or drink anything.

  • Sometimes you will be kept waiting for interview just so that it can be seen how you handle yourself.

  • When you are called in to interview, greet the interviewer with a smile and give a firm handshake, and remain standing until invited to sit. That shows politeness and good manners.