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At some stage most of us face the daunting prospect of interviewing for a job. Whatever the type of job you are interested in, and your reasons for going after it, there are a number of things you should do to improve your chances of a successful interview and getting the job you desire.

It is often assumed that the most important part of job interview success is being well groomed, but there is substantially more to it than just looking good. All your ambitions in life could depend on the way you conduct yourself at job interview, and you owe it to yourself to be well prepared. Small details can make all the difference between whether the job is yours or goes to someone else.


It can be difficult enough just to get through the recruitment process and be granted an interview, so you don't want to scupper your chances of success by overlooking something, however small. The fact that you are selected for interview suggests you have the basic qualities the recruiter is looking for, so don't throw the interview by missing even the smallest of details.

Obtaining an interview is only part of the process to getting the job you desire. Let this website be your guide to winning the job you desire. Follow the steps here and acquire the knowledge required to make the best possible impression at interview.

Throughout this website, you will learn:

  • How to get from job application to interview.

  • How to prepare for an interview.

  • How to ensure that you make a good first impression.

  • How to conduct yourself properly during the interview.

  • What the most common interview questions are.

  • The questions for you to ask your interviewer.

  • Common mistakes to be avoided.

  • About follow-up, after the interview.

  • The questions that interviewers should not ask you.


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